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We sell Tiny Homes in Kingsland, Texas one hour West of Austin.  Visitors love our customer service and affordable prices on Platinum Cottages.  Call Lisa (512) 844-1104 to set up an appointment to tour the tiny homes.  Ask about test-driving one of our fully furnished rental units to experience tiny living before you buy.


Lisa Morgan is excited to offer Highland Lakes Tiny Homes as an authorized retail outlet for Platinum Cottages. We serve Central Texas and the Hill Country including Marble Falls, Llano, Burnet and Fredericksburg.  Customers from beyond Central Texas also buy from us because of our low prices on Platinum Cottages. We have several “turn key” park model homes fully setup in Boxwood Tiny Home community for immediate sale.  You can also custom order a tiny home for your own land or for a lot lease community.   Lisa can guide you through color alternatives and upgrade options in order to design a home which closely matches your style and meets your individual needs.

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Current Inventory

The “showroom” of tiny homes  at Granite Lake has moved!  We moved them 5 minutes away to the brand new Boxwood Tiny Home Community in Kingsland.  

We saw a challenging trend.  Seriously interested buyers were having a difficult time finding a good location for a park model RV.  Customers who did not already have land said clearly, “I would like a tiny home in an exclusively tiny home community.”  So…. the homes have been moved to Boxwood and will be sold move-in-ready!  

That means the months-long process of hiring contractors to skirt the home, connect utilities, etc is gone!  We were able to price the setup thousands less than a typical customer who hired a separate plumber, electrician etc.  We even including sales taxes in the price!  

What about someone who wants a home for their own land?  They can simply custom order a home with Lisa and it will be ready for shipment in only 6 to 8 weeks.  

The current inventory of move-in-ready homes at Boxwood here in Kingsland Texas:

Previous Inventory /  very popular tiny homes worth a look and which can be ordered:

People who have visited other dealers comment on how much they like the option packages we select.  

Customers can either buy a Boxwood Community home or special order a Platinum Cottage from the extensive list of Platinum Cottage Designs .  We have samples of all of the Platinum color and material options necessary to configure and order just what you want.

Granite Lake Furnished Homes
Furnished Tiny Homes at Granite Lake - We live in the "Meadowview" model on the right

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The Lark
Tumbleweed without Loft
Tumbleweed with Loft - SOLD

Granite Lake

While exploring Kingsland, TX in 2015, we stumbled upon this unique little lake and a “For-Sale-By-Owner” sign. Much to our surprise, the price of the land was cheaper than a small home in Austin. Timing is everything and we knew this was our time!

We have been enjoying our “399 square feet of luxury” next to Granite Lake since June 2017. The efficiency and freedom afforded by living tiny inspired us to share the lifestyle and the land with you! 

Come out to tour the homes and enjoy the beautiful views of Granite Lake. Or hike around the lake and spend time enjoying the granite boulders. You can even stay in one of our vacation rentals and “test drive a tiny home.“  

Come out to visit us!


Compact Living

“Tiny Living” isn’t the best way to describe spending time in the “Tiny Homes” we sell.  “Compact Living” is a much better description! Lisa, the owner of Highland Lakes Tiny Homes and I live in one of the “Tiny Homes” that we sell. Tiny Homes have been generally defined as homes smaller than 500 Square Feet.  Our Platinum …