Welcome to Highland Lakes Tiny Homes

We sell Tiny Homes in Kingsland, Texas one hour West of Austin.  Visitors love our customer service and affordable prices on Platinum Cottages.  Call Lisa (512) 844-1104 to set up an appointment to tour the tiny homes.  Ask about test-driving one of our fully furnished rental units to experience tiny living before you buy.


Lisa Morgan is excited to offer Highland Lakes Tiny Homes as an authorized retail outlet for Platinum Cottages. We serve Central Texas and the Hill Country including Marble Falls, Llano, Burnet and Fredericksburg.  Customers from beyond Central Texas also buy from us because of our low prices on Platinum Cottages. 

With the nation-wide shortage on tiny homes right now, you can purchase a home we already have on order.  You can also custom order a tiny home for your own land or for a lot lease community.   Lisa can guide you through color alternatives and upgrade options in order to design a home which closely matches your style and meets your individual needs.

What makes Highland Lakes Tiny Homes Unique?

  • Competitive Prices
    • Running this business with minimal overhead allows Lisa to offer the best prices
  • Respectful / Low Pressure Sales
    • Lisa is never “high pressure” and this isn’t a mobile home sales outlet next to the highway
  • We live the lifestyle 
    • We live full time in a 399 sq. ft. Platinum Cottage. We open our house for viewing and share our experience living tiny.
  • Test Drive a Tiny Home
    • Not sure you could survive with your spouse in 399 sq. ft? Test drive one of our 5 star tiny homes at Granite Lake Rentals

Current Inventory

Tiny Home market is Booming – Industry Update

A good problem to have…high demand!  The tiny home lifestyle is no longer a fad but an emerging market accelerated by the Covid pandemic.  Platinum Cottages and other manufacturers have seen demand double and triple this year.  Platinum Cottages is doing their best to keep up with demand, even doubling their production capacity early 2021.  I recommend that you do not delay if you are considering a Platinum Cottage.

The inventory / “showroom” of tiny homes  at Granite Lake has sold out!  Therefore, this “Current Inventory” page will highlight homes we have ordered.  Customers are purchasing these “homes on order” before they arrive which allows them to be delivered directly to you.

What homes are on order?  We have simply re-ordered the best homes we have ever had in our inventory.  That means we have pictures and strong positive feedback on the home’s upgrades and color selections.  

The fastest way to get a Platinum Cottage!  The first customer to commit to each home-on-order, will receive it when it rolls out of the factory.  Call Lisa (512) 844-1104 for prices and the latest delivery estimate.

Custom Ordering a Home

Highland Lakes Tiny Homes is uniquely qualified to custom order your dream tiny home.  We live in a Platinum Cottage full-time and thoroughly understand the product. We also own two furnished units and have developed an understanding of their use as a vacation cabin, a money-making rental and even a place for mother!  Yes, my mother loves staying in one of the units 6 months out of the year. 

Ordering Platinum Cottages is a little complex.  Many color and materials options mixed with many upgrades could make your head spin if the process isn’t structured well.  I have ordered many homes and focus on the control points to avoid unwanted surprises.  

I provide a personalized experience with no sales pressure.  I encourage you to shop prices and customer service and see how we compare. 

What are my home and color options?  Customers can special order a model from the extensive list of Platinum Cottage Designs.  You can also choose from the Platinum color and material options.

Granite Lake Furnished Homes
Furnished Tiny Homes at Granite Lake - We live in the "Meadowview" model on the right

Click on the images below to learn about the 
Platinum Cottages

The Lark - No Loft
Tumbleweed - No Loft
Tumbleweed with Loft


Compact Living

“Tiny Living” isn’t the best way to describe spending time in the “Tiny Homes” we sell.  “Compact Living” is a much better description! Lisa, the owner of Highland Lakes Tiny Homes and I live in one of the “Tiny Homes” that we sell. Tiny Homes have been generally defined as homes smaller than 500 Square Feet.  Our Platinum …