The Lark

The Lark - $60,000 - Sold

Our Lark inventory model has been moved to Boxwood Tiny Home Community here in Kingsland TX and is being setup to be sold in-place.   

$60,000 Price was a special one time offer and included:   

  • Sales Tax
  • Fully setup / move-in ready!
  • Blocking and anchoring the home
  • Connected utilities (Water, Sewer & Electric)
  • Concrete Steps with Vinyl Handrail
  • Hardy panel skirting
  • Furniture + Decorations – Home can be sold without furniture and price will be adjusted 

The Lark is quickly becoming one of the favorite “11 foot wide” Platinum Models.  Everyone looks for a layout which comfortably and efficiently supports life’s activities in the provided 399 square feet.  There is an ideal couch location across from the entertainment center at the front of the home surrounded by picture windows.  The home also has a perfect space for a small table and chairs across from the kitchen.  We like the extra wide door on the bathroom and the large walk-in shower.

The 11 foot 2-inch-wide Lark fits a queen-size bed.  The bedroom is a bit smaller than the bedrooms in the 15-foot-wide homes.  The tradeoff is that it leaves more room for the kitchen / living area.  The longer 11-foot-wide format separates the noise of activities in the front living area such as the TV from the bedroom sleeping area.  The improved separation is highly valuable for some customers.

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