Reviews and Testimonials

What do customers say about Highland Lakes Tiny Homes?

Ruth Gutierrez – Via Facebook

I’ve looked at tiny homes everywhere and you can not beat these prices!

Kellene Graves – Purchased the Platinum Tumbleweed

For anyone thinking about or considering purchasing a tiny home DO!!  Best decision I have ever made. They are super comfy, easy to keep & very energy efficient.  With our 100 degrees plus this summer for numerous weeks my electric bill was under $80.00 each month!! The Mini Split AC /heating units they have are super!!

You need to purchase one from Lisa in Kingsland.  She made everything run without a hitch & it was super easy!  She can answer any & all of your questions & concerns & you don’t have to go out of the area for this kind of customer service ! She knows wonderful transport people that are also great!! The repair people she uses for little things that need repaired after transport are amazing! !

Please do yourself a favor & contact Lisa today.  You will be as happy as I am in no time at all!! I LOVE my tiny house!!

Terri Schexnayder – Purchased the Hill Country

If you are entertaining the tiny home lifestyle, you absolutely need to call Lisa Morgan of Highland Lakes Tiny Homes to find out what model is perfect for you. And, like I did, you can test drive a tiny home at Mike Leamon’s “five star” tiny home rental at Granite Lake Rentals. They are genuine, trustworthy and invested individuals who will take care of you, I promise!
My journey to find my dream tiny home began in 2019 when my Austin apartments went up $300 a month on my rent. After 50-plus years in the capital city, I could not afford it any more and began to search for my next Texas location. I had fallen in love with tiny homes, seen on TV shows and popping up across the country. I knew I would be quite comfortable in 399 sq. ft and downsizing once again at age 69 was not a problem. But, as with everything else, tiny homes in the Austin area came with a BIG price, I didn’t think on my teacher/freelance writer income I could even qualify for a home, no matter how tiny! 
The first lucky move.  My decision to stay at Mike’s “Bluebonnet” rental in Kingsland, TX in August 2020. I had to move out of my apartment by November 30 and still had no idea where I was going to live. Well, let me tell you, I not only fell in love with that tiny rental home, but immediately felt connected with Lisa and Mike. I was sold, and whatever it took, I wanted to live in one. In less than three months, Lisa found the perfect model, the Hill Country, that I loved because of the office space.
I got lucky again!  Covid created a shortage of tiny homes but a home Lisa had sold to another customer became available as a used unit and it happened to be the Hill Country model!  Lisa’s team moved the home from San Antonio; fixed it up and went above and beyond getting it ready.
My final stroke of luck.  Lisa’s long time friend Ken Gray had developed Boxwood Tiny Homes right there in Kingsland TX. He had a slot available.  Lisa, Ken and Mike worked seamlessly to get me all set up and by the Sunday before Thanksgiving 2020, I slept soundly in my own tiny home.
Everything feel into place because of the wonderful tiny businesses Lisa, Mike and Ken set up out here in Kingsland, TX.

Donna Wynn Purchased the Meadowview

I’m retired and until recently lived alone in a big two-story home that I loved but the taxes and insurance had become a heavy burden.  Forget having the money for basic maintenance and upkeep.   I owned the adjoining vacant lot and kept thinking that I needed to utilize it to downsize and simplify.  I googled “Top-rated manufactured home builders in Texas” and Platinum Cottages appeared.  I saw Lisa Morgan’s website and contacted her.  I went out to her property and she actually lives in one of the homes and invited me inside to look at it.  Though lived in… the home looked like new.  I was sold.  I put my big house on the market and sold it!

Lisa is wonderful.  She handled everything and made it easy for me.  Her mover and his crew were experts at what they do and are also very nice people.  The whole experience was great and the best part about it is the home itself.

Jane Jones – Granite Lake Rentals Customer

These Tiny Homes have wonderful floor plans and are very comfortable as soon as you step foot in the door. The attention to detail and quality are impressive. The storage is creative and highly functional.

Michael Jordan – Winter Texan Granite Lake Rentals Customer

The first impression upon entering the cottage is just how big this Platinum Cottage seems. The combination living, dining area and kitchen feels spacious and open with its high ceiling and extra width.  Cabinets in this cottage are abundant in both the kitchen and bath providing adequate space to store just about everything.

The laminate countertops throughout the cottage are easy to clean, appear to be durable, and are attractive as well.  It is exceptionally comfortable, easy to use, easy to clean, offers plenty of space to relax, cook, sleep and entertain both inside and out, freeing up our time to explore more of the Hill country and the amazing state of Texas.