Platinum Cottages Tiny Homes – Ideal for Aging Parents

Tiny Home Elder Care

Many visitors to Highland Lakes Tiny Homes realize that a Platinum Cottage is an ideal solution to a challenge most of us face.   How do we help our aging parents?  Moving them directly into our own homes isn’t often seen as the best next step.

Parents and grandparents eventually need to step away from complete independence and start to accept help and support from their family.  Locating a tiny home near family members satisfies the need for help and support.  Listed below are many of the reasons customers see Platinum Cottages as an ideal approach to bringing the family closer together:

  • While the parents can be located in a tiny home very near the family, they maintain their sense of independence
  • Having their own space keeps the parent from being right in the middle of the children’s business and affairs
  • Immediate access to grandchildren can enrich lives and relationships
  • Independent living apartments in elderly communities are expensive
  • Investing in an asset beats throwing money away on rent
  • In most situations, Platinum Cottages can be purchased and set up for less than $50,000
  • Smaller interior space makes sense for mobility-challenged elders
  • The bedroom in Platinum Cottages is on the ground level – not in a loft
  • Handicap customization is available – walk in showers with seats and handicap bars
  • Many aging parents do not want to possess and maintain a lot of “stuff”
  • The move to a small living space means making decisions about possessions earlier in their lives rather than waiting until the very end
  • When the parent moves on to the next phase of their life, the tiny home can
    • Become a guest house
    • House a child as they take steps toward independence
    • Provide rental income
    • Be sold and removed

The primary barrier mentioned by many customers relates to zoning and neighborhood restrictions forbidding tiny homes or Accessory Dwelling Units.  If you can consider adding a tiny home to your land or a nearby lot, consider yourself lucky!

Add to the comments below your own perspective on the Platinum Cottage solution for aging parents. Maybe you can think of another great reason for considering this fantastic alternative.