The Meadowview

SOLD - Meadowview Model - $TBD Price

The Meadowview’s wrap around porch makes it a distinctive model. Entering and exiting from the side of the home makes the entire front porch usable living space. As the owners of Highland Lakes Tiny Homes, we live in a Meadowview and love it!  We recently sold this particular unit.  We, however, show visitors the Meadowview we occupy and can special order a home with all the features you desire.

The Meadowview tiny home is a 15 foot wide home like the Tumbleweed.  However, the wrap around porch creates 2 different widths inside.  The back end is 15 feet wide, so the bedroom is larger and can accommodate a king sized bed.  The living room and kitchen area is narrower and longer, like 11 foot wide units.

Meadowview Model Detailed Information

Platinum Meadowview Architectural Plan
Meadowview Plan
Standard features on all of our Platinum Cottage Tiny Homes

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