Platinum Lakeview with Loft and Porch

SOLD: Lakeview with Loft - Price $TBD

The Lakeview is one of our favorite Platinum models.  In 2018, we sold this exact same model to an extremely diligent tiny home shopper who had the unit transported all the way to Durango Colorado from here – deep in the heart of Texas!  Click here to learn about Jeff’s amazing story.

The Lakeview is filled with architectural details and features that set it apart from other models.  From the many windows to the split loft to the rolling Bar with AC power from the floor, you definitely have to check it out if you are in the model for a Park Model RV.  The unit even features a “bump out” on the side of the unit which provides a unique shingled feature on the outside and space for a bath tub inside.

The 11 foot 8 inch wide Lakeview has a bedroom that fits a queen-size bed and is a bit smaller than the bedrooms in the 15 foot wide home .  What that means is that there is more room for the kitchen / living area.  The longer home separates the noise of activities in the front living area from the bedroom sleeping which is extremely important to some customers.  

Standard Lakeview homes do not come with a front porch.  We upgraded this inventory model with an 8 foot covered front porch in order to enhance its appeal.  

Lakeview with Loft and Deck - Detailed Information

Lakeview Floor Plan (Front Deck added to our Unit)
Standard features on all of our Platinum Cottage Tiny Homes

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