Current Inventory

Having Platinum Cottages for sale here at Granite Lake all started when we cleared the land and set up three furnished tiny homes.  We live full-time in one home and set up the other two for friends, family and vacation rental guests.  The interest from curious neighbors was amazing.  Everyone that viewed the homes were extremely impressed with the quality of Platinum Cottages.  So we became a dealer!  

We had three Platinum Cottages for sale in our inventory here at Granite Lake. Two recently sold to happy customers.  Those same models can be ordered with only a one month wait time.   Click on the links below to learn more:

Our “inventory homes” are ready to be relocated to your land or a lot-lease community.  People who have visited other dealers comment on how much they like the option packages we choose for our inventory homes and how nice it is to see our other three homes where people actually live and vacation.

Customers can either buy right from our inventory or special order a Platinum Cottage from the extensive list of Platinum Cottage Designs .  Base prices start at only $42,000.  We have samples of all of the Platinum color and material options necessary to configure and order just what you want.

Granite Lake Furnished Homes
Furnished Tiny Homes at Granite Lake - We live in the "Meadowview" model on the right
Our inventory of Platinum Cottages for sale

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about our Platinum Cottages for sale

Platinum Lakeview with Loft and Porch
Lakeview Model - SOLD
Tumbleweed without Loft - SOLD
Tumbleweed with Loft