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The “showroom” of tiny homes  at Granite Lake has moved!  We moved them 5 minutes away to the brand new Boxwood Tiny Home Community in Kingsland.

We saw a challenging trend.  Seriously interested buyers were having a difficult time finding a good location for a park model RV.  Customers who did not already have land said clearly, “I would like a tiny home in an exclusively tiny home community.”  So…. the homes have been moved to Boxwood and will be sold move-in-ready!

That means the months-long process of hiring contractors to skirt the home, connect utilities, etc is gone!  We were able to price the setup thousands less than a typical customer who hired a separate plumber, electrician etc.  We even including sales taxes in the price!  

What about someone who wants a home for their own land?  They can simply custom order a home with Lisa and it will be ready for shipment in only 6 to 8 weeks.

The entire inventory of move-in-ready homes at Boxwood in Kingsland Texas has sold!

Previous Inventory /  very popular tiny homes worth a look and which can be ordered:

People who have visited other dealers comment on how much they like the option packages we select.  

Customers can either buy a Boxwood Community home or special order a Platinum Cottage from the extensive list of Platinum Cottage Designs .  We have samples of all of the Platinum color and material options necessary to configure and order just what you want.

Granite Lake Furnished Homes
Furnished Tiny Homes at Granite Lake - We live in the "Meadowview" model on the right

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The Lark - SOLD
Tumbleweed without Loft
Tumbleweed with Loft - SOLD