Tumbleweed with Loft

Tumbleweed Model $49,900 - SOLD!

We have ordered another very similar Tumbleweed!

We typically keep two Platinum Cottages Tumbleweeds with Lofts on our property.  One is an inventory unit for sale and the other is a furnished unit for short term rentals.  This means you have an opportunity to view two  lofted units and even “test drive” the rental unit overnight. The Tumbleweed is one of Platinum’s best sellers.

The 15 foot wide Tumbleweed’s bedroom accommodates a king-size bed.  The wide format makes these homes feel much more spacious.  The sales trend at Platinum has been toward these wider format homes.  Usable space is significantly boosted with the spacious loft and 15 foot wide covered porch.

Tumbleweed with Loft Detailed Information

Floor Plan Tumbleweed with Loft
Tumbleweed Floor Plan
Standard features on all of our Platinum Cottage Tiny Homes

Tumbleweed w/ Loft
For Rent / Furnished Unit

Tumbleweed w/ Loft
Inventory Unit- SOLD!