Create A Romantic Hideaway in Your Park Model Home

The ambience created in a tiny house or park model home can be completely romantic without much effort. A lot of the idea of small house living offers a quaint home that is cozy for a couple. With Valentine’s Day approaching, here are five ways to make your tiny house or park model extra special for the one you love.

Get Outside:

Tiny house dwellers report higher rates of playing outside. So whether taking a hike together, going on a bike ride, or just sitting outdoors in a hammock, go outside together and enjoy the sunshine and the stars that tiny house getaways have to offer. Taking time to unplug and unwind can do much for helping you to ease everyday stresses and focus on each other.

Lovely Lighting:

Creating a cozy environment can be easy in a small space. By adding simple touches like white Christmas lights, a couple of soy candles, and tossing a silk scarf over a lamp to create dim light, you are able to transform any room in your tiny house into a romantic getaway for two.

Loft Living:

If your park model home offers an elevated bedroom, create romance by being sure you have everything just right before you turn in for the night. This can be especially fun if you don’t normally use that space for sleeping. Whether you want to add fresh flowers to a nightstand, bring chocolates and wine up for a late night treat, or add that new fluffy blanket to the foot of the bed, be sure everything is in place to save yourself trips up and down in the middle of what should be time spent together.

Prepare the Meal:

The quickest way to just about any heart can be a great meal. Whether you’ve chosen a residential stove, an apartment appliance, or a countertop set of eye burners, be sure you’ve put thought into the meal. Your special someone might love fresh veggies with dinner or prefer homemade waffles in the morning, but the thought is definitely what counts here and tiny houses are more than capable of producing dinner delicacies.

Personal Touches:

Whether in the master bedroom, the living area, or the kitchen, remember to add little bits of what reminds you of your love for each other. You might choose a wedding picture in the bedroom, her favorite flowers in the kitchen, or even a hand-painted sink in the bathroom that you picked up on your honeymoon , these personal touches can change the entire mood of your home.