Lisa Morgan is excited to offer Highland Lakes Tiny Homes as an authorized retail outlet for Platinum Cottages. We serve Central Texas and the Hill Country including Marble Falls, Llano, Burnet and Fredericksburg.  Customers from beyond Central Texas also buy from us because of our low prices on Platinum Cottages. 

With the pandemic-driven nation-wide shortage on tiny homes, there are few homes available anywhere for immediate purchase.  Most customers custom order a tiny home for their own land or a site lease community.   Lisa guides customers through color alternatives and upgrade options in order to design a home which closely matches your style and meets your individual needs.

What makes Highland Lakes Tiny Homes Unique?

  • Competitive Prices
    • Running this business with minimal overhead allows Lisa to offer the best prices
  • Respectful / Low Pressure Sales
    • Lisa is never “high pressure” and this isn’t a mobile home sales outlet next to the highway
  • We live the lifestyle 
    • We live full time in a 399 sq. ft. Platinum Cottage. We open our house for viewing and share our experience living tiny.
  • Test Drive a Tiny Home
    • Not sure you could survive with your spouse in 399 sq. ft? Test drive one of our 5 star tiny homes at Granite Lake Rentals